Goodnight Everybody

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  1. Ebly

    Screw you Grape, this I will never forget.

  2. Fenrari

    Fiesty?… of course most likely its not as bad as we think…

  3. Zanzawolf

    Heh, first Joey now Fido too. Seem that the cat thing runs in the bloodline.

    Love Peanut and Grape’s expressions, priceless and the camera just makes it even better.

  4. RG

    This is one of those comics other than “I Swear it’s Platonic” that makes me all giddy inside. :)

  5. Draco_2k

    Well that crawled into the plot all too quickly.

  6. Whiskers

    It’s spreading! Dear lord, it’s spreading!

    Also I like Sabrina’s forwardness :3

  7. Sogious

    Wow. This is really ironic. I mean REALLY ironic considering the events in the comic and what just happened in…..never mind.

  8. TomFox

    Somehow I saw this coming ;)
    I love Peanut and Grape’s expressions, it’s like they’re gazing upon some sort glorious treasure.

  9. Ashyen

    Grape: O… kay then…

    Peanut: This is going straight on my blog!

  10. CyberCorn Entropic

    Hmm. A black cat named Sabrina wearing an ankh. Is she also teenaged?

  11. Lawton


  12. foxfireattack

    The plot thickens…


  13. SuperNova

    From the looks of this, this is most likely more serious than Joey’s or Peanut’s little identity crises.

  14. james319

    O_o… Sabrina a cat?..XD
    (wow 8 panels good work :D )

  15. Max

    hehe, so he really is a catlover ^^ someone already guessed that before in the comments. And his dad is a D&D nerd….

  16. GodofAwesome

    When you find Rule 34 of your comic, remember you brought it on yourself.

  17. STEAM!


  18. Blackite

    Hmm I wonder if peanut is going to do anything about this, seeing as he’s a cat lover too.

  19. Fuzzypaws

    Catlover cuteness runs in the family. ^.^ Makes you wonder about Bino… ;)

  20. Sabakuryu

    … is this really going to stay PG-13? xD lol ‘m sure it will, but I wouldn’t mind being in fido’s shoes write now :x Oh… does this mean peanut has the absolute right to show his love for cats now? :P And who’s next to come out of the… bush?(closet doesn’t fit this) :3

  21. Sabakuryu

    … the emote translater thing is rather…lame :s

  22. Niftykoala

    Wow….If only the other dogs knew about their “Hero.” Oooo plot twists! I’m not too worried about a ratings change. Poor Daisy..she never had a chance.

  23. ClosetMonster

    I KNEW it! Lol (And I love it) ;)

  24. Mazisharu


  25. hybrid sympathiser

    im just loving this comic more and more, by the looks of the camera and fido’s dad saying good night i think when peanut takes a picture it might flash then both may get caught, just a guess.

  26. Ringtail


  27. fan

    check your e-mail…new number…must activate…

  28. Ax15

    haha peanut you perv XD

  29. CalaverX11


  30. pkjo

    OMG naughty things are about to happen XD

  31. Insignificance

    What are the circle thingys above Fido’s eyes?
    they’ve been bugging me for a while…

  32. Zurr

    Oh, well… Who’s she?

    And the circle things appear to be some sort of sunglasses.

  33. Nyrufa

    Anybody else notice Sabrina’s nose changes colors?

  34. VinceWolftiger

    love the stunned looks….then the camera


    oh i just love those naughty suspense scenes lol there just so cute

  36. gear9242

    xDDD love the last panel

  37. mister man

    sumthin fun is gonna happen! yee haw!!

  38. CalaverX11

    Okay, NOW I get the Animaniacs reference.

  39. Eagle0600

    Hehe, this could go one of… three… five ways.
    1) Keeps the pick for himself.
    2) #1 but is more confident.
    3) Tells others and they accept it coz it’s Fido.
    4) Tells others and they don’t accept it. Fido gets angry.
    5) Confides in Fido.

  40. Rin

    I just read through I have to say this Comic is so cute and even if you did rip off Garfield your comic is so much cuter!
    I love it and the whole cat lover thing is awesome.
    And I know it was a while back but I had a feeling from the start Grape was a female from how she reacted to Peanuts drawing.

  41. Ken_Cypher

    Congratulations. This strip has been posted on fChan. Rule 34 is only a matter of time now. …I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that…

  42. Fullunar02

    Oh the IRONY! I see the little spot the Super-Dog thing was an foreshadowing of epic proportions to the current strip. Now that is awesome story-boarding. :D

  43. Lupus

    Great comic !! thats a new definition of cat lovers XD

  44. Jason

    How on earth is this ripping off Garfield? Lol Just because it’s a cat and a dog? How many cat/dog comics were there before Garfield?

  45. Tahoe

    *grins* I absolutely LOVE this new twist. I am secretly hoping that Peanut forgot to turn off the flash on his camera <.<;; Regardless, this opens up Soooo many new potential plot directions. Great way to wrap up the week, Rick! =D

  46. Sara

    I love this comic.
    Totally did not expect that. XD
    Keep up the good work!!!

  47. Fell Da Wolf

    …:0 I’m amazed

  48. thrashblade

    sabrina the teenage cat witch??

    this is a nice 8 panel comic. keep it up =)