Bino Stars As Colonel Klink
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    I like Peanut’s ears *giggles*

  2. foxfireattack


    Bino must be in the open ward

  3. Fenrari

    Nothing better than being smacked in the head to realize how true one’s friends are eh?

  4. james319


  5. RG

    Nice tour. :)

  6. Ebly

    I want to buy that photo.

  7. Dirk

    Colonel Hogaaaaaan!

  8. Max

    I think Grape and Peanut are making themselves a bit unpopular ^^;
    I love them anyway, even if Bino hates them :D

  9. Tahoe

    First of all, Fox is a great friend ^__^
    Secondly, Peanut makes an AWESOME tourist! The Peanut and Grape duo has the ability to make any situation hilarious, can’t wait to see what’s next =D

  10. Blackite

    Poor Bino he maybe crazy but at least he’s cute. =3

  11. Timothy

    Bino’s eyes are all wobbly and unfocused, guess it comes with the brain damage. ^_^

  12. Zurr

    XD. Grape is a sadistic cat, just like me.

  13. Zerias

    Actually it was Howard Caine as Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter who kept yelling “WHO IS THIS MAN” and? “WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?” during the run of Hogan’s Heroe’s. Nice reference though.