The Lampshades Were Party Favors
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  1. Zephyron

    Nice to finally see Peanut back in the picture =3

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Adorable puppydog eyes ^.^

  3. Tahoe

    He’s so happy! =D I’m glad that Peanut is going to be joining the party again ^^
    What does the title of the book say?!?

  4. Zurr

    I forgot that Peanut wasn’t allowed in there

  5. Buster

    Ah, yeah X3 The sad puppy dog eyes work every time

  6. SethIova

    he’s sho cute!

  7. Fenrari

    Never fear, sad puppy eyes ftw…

  8. Ebly


  9. RG

    I see the classic lampshade managed to find it’s way to Grape… and Peanut’s puppy dog eyes were rather cute though it’d be cuter if he were on the floor and whined. :)

  10. JonMW

    Aha! I was right about the bacon!

  11. Mazisharu

    So that’s where he was.

  12. james319

    XD he looks really cute

  13. pinoteres

    Buckethead ;p

  14. fan

    This is my favorite comic so far…since the “dog meetings”

  15. Max

    How did she see his eyes? …Maybe she could sense it since they are “siblings”.

  16. Blackite

    I like the way Peanut looks in the first panel and also on the third panel he looks absolutely cute. Yay for puppy dog eyes. X3

  17. Zanzawolf

    Puppy dog pout ftw

  18. Rory

    I finally get to have a say! ~ I just read over the COMPLETE series to get to this point, and I must say there was not a dull moment.

    Please keep up entertaining so many people. :P

  19. Fell Da Wolf

    You can’t resist the eyes of peanut.

  20. CyberCorn Entropic

    Tahoe: The book’s title is “Foundation”, followed by the author’s name “Asimov”. Apparently, Peanut’s a fan of classic science fiction. Peanut’s got class.

  21. JonMW

    Dang. Peanut goes through like the whole spectrum of Doggy Emotion in 15 seconds.

  22. johnwolf

    hahahahaha grape thinks hitting bino over the head with a frying pan was a acheavement

  23. Lucy Black

    i wuv peanut soooo much