Grape Solves Another Problem With Violence
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  1. Zanzawolf

    Yay for violence. Heheh that should hush Bino envy driven craziness for a bit.

  2. Tahoe

    *laughs* I love how nonchalantly Grape does that. He needed a good knock to the senses; poor lil sibling jealousy. Also… Grape’s expression in the last panel is great ^__^

  3. Zurr

    Oh, haha. Grape is easily my favorite character

  4. Fuzzypaws

    I like how he’s just casually munching the biscuits the whole time. *giggles* I wonder what flavor they are!

  5. Yokel

    I pity the fool.
    Bino looks quite positively deranged in panel two.
    Grape’s face in panel three, ‘just another day eh?’

  6. RG

    Now that is one girl (Grape’s a girl, look back on the archives) I’d love to have around me with a frying pan every time I do something stupid. It’ll hurt, but it’ll be good for me. :)

  7. foxfireattack

    Why wouldn’t they bring a frying pan out there?

  8. JonMW

    Probably had bacon flavour on it.

  9. Draco_2k

    What is it about this comic that actually makes me laugh. That’s not right. Webcomics aren’t supposed to be funny…

  10. Ax15

    pan to the head!

  11. james319

    “I” certainly think he’s crazy ^^

  12. fan

    I see Grape likes to whack away. It is certainly releasing to whack at what you can’t change.

  13. Max

    Good question Grape. Well, as you all know….

  14. Blackite

    Poor Bino . . . At least now he won’t have to put up with his own insanity . . . well until he wakes up. X3

  15. Kakurady

    Frying is a quick, healthy way to make food.

    And it’s better than mallets. Not that I have anything with mallets…

  16. Whiskers

    I agree with Grape’s solution… Heck, I did the same thing in a suspiciously similar situation in my own life :3

  17. Kalmo

    Grape should get a silver or a golden pan! :3

  18. Ebly

    Jesus. Who DOESN’T have some kind of problem in that family.
    …but it makes them so much more loveable. n_n <33333

  19. Sabakuryu

    But… but… what if Bino is actually right? D: What then?

  20. Sara

    Oooo… the stars. :3