The Nerve Of Him
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  1. Tahoe

    Wow, Bino’s totally lost it! I love his expression! (Grape with the dog biscuit is awesome too *giggles* )

    I feel sorry for Fido. Hopefully the next day will be a little brighter for him when it isn’t a group welcome ^__^

  2. foxfireattack

    *Throws a sponge in the air*
    Grape really does like biscuits…
    I still cant see Grape as a girl though >.>

  3. SenKitty

    Oh my gosh! The dog in the back with the roasted meat for a tag has an awesome roasted meat for a tag! THATS AWESOME!!!!!!

  4. VinceWolftiger

    I think someone missed something.

  5. Fuzzypaws

    Facial expressions yay!

  6. CalaverX11


    If I wanted you to kiss my butt that badly, I’d have asked!

  7. Yokel

    As always, I pity the fool.
    I wonder if Grape was going anywhere with that “err,” or if that was just too busy enjoying his biscuit to bother.

  8. johnwolf


  9. RG

    I love this comic. :)

  10. Ebly

    that’s one sponge -I’D- love to squeeze.

  11. Max

    Heh, Grape and the famous dog biscuits. At least we got proof for that now.

  12. Lucy Black

    fidos got a point you know…i wonder what sasha will do next

  13. TomFox

    Where’s Peanut in all this? I almost want to see him walk out of the house, see Fido and be all casual like: “Oh, hey Fido, what’s up?” :D

  14. housepets fan

    Bino only sees and hears what he wants to; now he’s seeing Fido sucking up all the glory. Next he’ll probably see red. Then the inside of a kennel for being a bad dog and attacking Fido. =)

  15. Mook

    Did anyone else hear a lithp in that “Guys please!”?

  16. gear9242

    GLORIFIED GLORY SPONGE! hahaha best quote ever

  17. kikiaheave

    you go fido crush them CRUSH them

  18. Ashyen

    And here is the tragic moment where Bino snapped, turning on his friends and family. Neither dog biscuit nor cat could restrain him as he launched himself towards the glorified glory sponge…