Shut Up We’re Trying To Praise You
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    LOL, is Daisy
    Good mario games referencie

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Now that is hero worship! *giggles*


    hip hip HOORAY for Fido

  4. Yokel

    Second panel. He takes it so well.

  5. Tahoe

    Second panel is so awesome! I love how calm he is with that retort.
    What a welcome back party =D

  6. RG

    The second panel is one thing you don’t hear someone say while being dragged away by a fan mob and I like him more for that. :)

  7. Ebly

    There’s that poppies sign again~
    I missed it that last comic, it was a shame it wasn’t there~

  8. Lucy Black

    lol, you gotta love sasha

  9. johnwolf

    oooohhhhhh boy, even fido dosn’t believe this is right. but oh well got to love the pets comnunity of dogs

  10. Blackite

    “Hi am Daisy!” “Hi Daisy, sorry it appers I’m being dragged away by a fan mob.”
    Lol Daisy is cute X3.

  11. Zanzawolf

    Liking that second frame quite bit. Heh and the signs still screwed up. XD Crazy fanpooches.

  12. Max

    Where’s Bino? Did they trample him down? >>

  13. Mazisharu

    Headfur? … Oh, hair.

  14. Fell Da Wolf

    He’s taking the mob carry off very well.

  15. Ax15

    idk why but daisy looks crazy to me.

  16. kikiaheave

    kick thier butts Fido

  17. pyroheave

    drop him dead fido

  18. Lucy Black

    ax15: youve got a point

  19. SethIova

    someone once told me this and I think it’s time I passed it on, “you draw nice man chest.”

  20. james319

    XD poor guy

  21. Tim

    I freaking love this comic. I just read it all in one rush and I’m very curious and looking forward to how this whole Peanut-Grape crush story will turn out :3

  22. Jason

    He can’t be THAT perfect. I wonder if he’s a secret cat-lover too. Maybe it runs in the family?

  23. Ebly

    Oh dear god Jason, imagine what that would imply for Bino. @n@

  24. Ashyen

    I always hate it when people I talk to get dragged away by fan mobs…