Mmm Foot Flavored Speech
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  1. Tahoe

    Seems Fido’s made the scene! Perfect timing as always; poor Bino.

    For some reason, Fido’s pose in the last panel reminds me of the WWII aviation fighter stances that you always see … but it might be the glasses/goggles on his head. ^_^

  2. Sethy


  3. Sabakuryu

    wait wait wait… fido is bino’s younger brother? he’s… taller than bino…

  4. Fuzzypaws

    He so handsome! *swoon*

    Poor Bino, I’d comfort him. ^.^

  5. Whiskers

    Dog biscuits are pretty good, even to cats…

    So we finally see Fido in-panel… and he’s posing like a runway model. I can see what everyone’s raving about. :3

  6. foxfireattack

    *goes out in the middle of the street to have a party drinking aftershave*

    *noms on dog biscuits*

  7. Ebly

    I have to admit, feet aren’t my fetish, but I still love watching people shove them in their mouth. Fun stuff.
    That is some insane jealousy right there, though. Bino’s reasoning appears less and less sensible every strip.
    …Not to say I wouldn’t be equally jealous (if not more so) if he were my brother.

  8. RG

    Now that is one dog (Fido) I’d love to own! Poor Bino…

  9. Yokel

    He’s a ladies man, too right.

  10. Mazisharu

    So where’s Peanut while all of this is happening? He’s out of the Good Ol’ Dog’s Club right? Wouldn’t he have heard all of this? Just wondering.

  11. Max

    Heh, Grape likes dog biscuits…
    Fido looks pretty cool. In my imagination he never looked like he had any relation to Bino >>

  12. Lucy Black

    fido is jacked (whistles) HAY BABY, YO FINE!! :D

  13. CalaverX11

    …what IS Grape doing there? o.O

  14. TimTiger

    Mmmmm Dog biscuits.

  15. james319

    another angry rant ^^

  16. Ebly

    I don’t think Grape’s exactly in the Good Ol’ Dogs Club either. Methinks it’s just in the street there, hence Fido’s comment. So anyone can show up. Peanut may well be in that audience too. o:

  17. Blackite

    I wonder why grape is there . . . maybe she’s there for other reasons than just the dog biscuits . . .

  18. kikiaheave

    he is so cute!~_~. too bad hes a dog -_-.

  19. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Heh, Fido looks pretty cool, and kinda cute at the same time. I especially like his goggles/glasses.

  20. Lucy Black

    i miss peanut

  21. Punk Jax

    Fido has hips. :O

  22. pyroheave

    peanut is gay lol