An Understandable Mistake To Make
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  1. Starcat5

    Why does the phrase “Booze Hound” suddenly come to mind?

  2. Faolan Bloodmoon

    lol it’s alcohol, (and first comment <3)

  3. Faolan Bloodmoon

    well i was when i was posting it >.<

  4. Lawton

    Eu Du Toilette, a real man’s drink!

  5. Fuzzypaws

    Now his mouth is gonna be all floral scented. :3

  6. foxfireattack

    I <3 da toilet water from the dads dresser drawer :D

  7. foxfireattack

    wait… I was thinking of vodka… >.<


  8. Ebly

    Sasha isn’t exactly the brightest, is she?

    A smarter pet would know that all the best toilet water comes from Russia or Germany.

  9. RG

    Now I’m pretty concerned on her future pups…

  10. Lucy Black

    tee hee sasha owns

  11. Yokel

    I pity the foo…

  12. james319

    yeah i would say its vodka

  13. Rennis69

    Ah the poor pup, But it seems it could have been cologne, which explains the instant spew factor, also it would explain why it was in his dresser… hiding it form the wife no doubt.(since it’s for his foreign mistress O.O!)

  14. Lucy Black

    actually, thats a really good point rennis

  15. Kakurady

    Wouldn’t that be Eau du Toilette? …

  16. Fell Da Wolf

    Bleh that sounds bad. It makes my mouth feel funny just thinking about what it would taste like.

  17. Tzp

    Kakurady is right, it’s eau de toilette (it’s some kind of perfume for men) it’s a french word that could be badly translated in english by toilet water

  18. kikiaheave

    Drinker!bad bino!

  19. kikiaheave