She’s Not The Best One To Ask
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  1. housepets fan

    Bino’s already ticked and we haven’t seen Fido yet. This is gonna be so fun when they finally meet again. I’d say cat-fight, but they’re both dogs. =)

  2. Fuzzypaws

    I see some major resentment building. ;) I love the facial expressions… and the ears!

  3. Whiskers

    Panel 3’s adorable :3

    also THERE’S the infamous “SPELLED WITH A U!” sign!

  4. CalaverX11


    Sounds like a new species to me… o_o

  5. RG

    There’s the sign, the party decorations, the girl who wrote the sign now where’s Fido? Anyways, I just thought for a while that they’ll be cute together… don’t ask: it’s how I work.

  6. Ebly

    Oh, fur -will- fly…

  7. Lucy Black

    awwwww SHES SO CUTE |^^| i totally agree with you RG!

  8. Max

    Man, I didn’t realize that the other dog was a girl until the end >.>
    The heart collar makes it pretty obvious, huh? plus the sign

  9. foxfireattack

    nom nom
    Canine cibble

  10. Starcat5

    CalaverX11: Oh, I am SO naming my creature that once my copy of Spore shows up this week.

  11. Kakurady

    Soo cute! Almost thought she’s a cat or something.

  12. TomFox

    It’s weird, Sasha has little eyelash marks near the base of her eyes in the classic “girl cartoon character” thing but Grape doesn’t… Wonder why :P

    Love the Comic! Keep it up!

  13. Lucy Black

    its because Grape’s a tomboy- er, tomcat. and panel 2, the way Sasha just stands at attention…she is to cute to explain. sasha is the most adorable character you have made so far Rick. i really hope we see her much more often

  14. Mazisharu

    hah … “poppies”

  15. Fell Da Wolf

    Poor Bino. I still care about you. :D

  16. FrontalManga

    Lucy’s right, Sasha is extremely cute. i would like to see more of her, too

  17. james319

    poor guy. i like the 3rd panel ^^

  18. kikiaheave

    it would be funny if shesha was a guy.|