The Universal Constant
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  1. CalaverX11

    Yes…I cried, too.

    And I’m a cat.

  2. Ax15

    tish YOU!

  3. foxfireattack

    Ahh, All Dogs go to Heaven…

    Awesome movie

  4. RG

    Rampant zoning issue?

  5. KMakato

    RG, I’m gonna say someone went tinkles in all the wrong places :3

  6. SenKitty

    All Dogs go to Heaven is a sad movie. Though when do we get to see him? Not…that my love for Peanut will waver…>.>’ Imma cat and that be weird…..if it did….If I had any….Im gonna shut up now…

  7. Fuzzypaws

    Is a tear jerker.

  8. james319

    yeah i like that movie ^^

  9. pinoteres

    That’s nice you read the comments – swinging the steering wheel is really important in proper perception of inside_car scenes ;)

  10. Rennis69

    Did anyone ever watch that rugrats movie, I did while young in the theaters and cried when it looked like Spike died.

  11. Icefang Cerule

    @pinoteres & Rick

    I was just being snarky! :x

  12. Icefang Cerule

    Augh, and this thing translates emoticons so badly. :[

  13. pinoteres

    I was just being snarky!
    NO WAI!, I’ve supposed that was for real ;) , and this :x icon was really unfortunate :)

  14. pinoteres

    Why this script removed chevron brackets, with everything between them from my previous post!? (there was a “quote” phrase) … Housepets! comics is great, but WordPress sucks :/

  15. johnwolf

    nice comic. and how could you not cry at the end of All Dogs go To Heven. its THE sadest movie ever.

  16. kikiaheave

    lol frido’s cring