Our Sacred Duty
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  1. housepets fan

    Uh oh, problems quickly approaching.

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Sibling rivalry off the starboard bow, cap’n. ^^;

  3. foxfireattack

    nom nom

    Mailman :D

  4. RG

    Ouch. Poor Bino…

  5. JonMW

    Did we know before that Joey and Bino were brothers?

  6. Icefang Cerule

    Well that’s not realistic at all! He’s not casually swinging the steering wheel around to make the car swerve all over the place.

    I seen’d it on TV! :o

  7. james319

    why would it smell like mailman?

    i should really get an avatar :D

  8. Max

    I love this comic. There are always these great WTF moments.

  9. Ringtail

    Well, at least it doesn’t have chicken legs :D

  10. Lucy Black

    lol what a tard

  11. CalaverX11


  12. RSLaehnart

    Om nom nom nom. ^_^
    Bino’s expression FTW!

  13. Tahoe

    His expression is just great!
    *giggles* Fun story of how he got kicked out… Can’t wait for the reunion ^__^

  14. Mazisharu

    Sibling rivalry perhaps?

  15. non

    heh i bet $5 hes a chihuahua