It’s A Pet Friendly Neighborhood

. . . just made it!

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Just think if she had made a wish for ultimate power! She wasted her moment of cosmic attunement. ;)

  2. Lucy Black

    lol fuzzypaws is right

  3. RG

    Well that sure answered her question! :)

  4. Lawton

    a “very” pet friendly neighborhood :p

  5. james319

    thank you universe ^^

  6. Crysiscorp

    Darn it the one time the universe was happening to listen to ya and its a wish wasted.

  7. Draco_2k

    I feel the need to repeat that I find it amusing to find a web-comic actually interesting.

  8. Rennis69

    Don’t ya just love those “so you picked now to listen” moments?

  9. Tahoe

    It’s almost like the beginning of a zombie flick! =D

    I wonder how exciting this is going to get for her. ^_^
    Universal answers are always fun!