It’s A Dog Thing

It’s a really good thing I only have comics three days a week, because I seem to burn through my buffer like it was . . . something flammable and fun to ignite.

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  1. Lucy Black

    lol – on the way to go dig up and hide their stashes of anise :D (first comment WOOT!)

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Bravely run away!

  3. foxfireattack

    fear the power of zoning!

    great excuse(if your a pet(or really drunk)) to pee in public

  4. CalaverX11

    “Zoning”…that’s an interesting way of putting it. I should use that term from now on.

    “He’s not marking his territory, he’s creating a ZIP code.”

  5. RG

    Cat spies in a dog meeting, who would’ve thunk it?

  6. james319

    what are those cats even doing there?
    LOL zoning ^^

  7. JonMW

    This comic’s got too much continuity to not have a complete archive! Comics like Dilbert (and, sadly, the more recent Kevin & Kells) can get away with a month-long backlog, but I’d really like to see how this all started. Is there any archive that exists?

  8. Tango

    JonMW: you mean like this?

  9. JonMW

    So it actually STARTED then? Man, I assumed that it was much older… I misinterpreted the “about” section to mean that it started in ‘06.

    My bad, I guess? That’s gotta be the fastest that I’ve ever read through the entire archives of a webcomic…
    Wait, actually second-fastest.

  10. Fell da Wolf

    I don’t think the door is the greatest place to stand when a meeting is going on. Next time they should use the window.

  11. Bandortentis

    Spot Check-Failed

  12. Mazisharu

    I was kinda wondering when we’d see more cats.

  13. Izkata

    There’s also these 3 original strips from before the comic was for-certain to be made:

  14. NewfDraggie

    Recently came across this, so far ABSOLUTELY amazing ^..^ love the art style, cute! <3 Love the two main characters <3 Keep it up!

  15. Tahoe

    “Zoning” *giggles*
    They should have known better than to spy from the door; can’t wait to see where this is headed ^^