The Loyal Order
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  1. housepets fan

    It’s a new record: a meeting that’s over before it starts!

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Poor Bino must resent not being as popular as his brother!

  3. CalaverX11

    I’m guessing they’re skipping town so they don’t get busted for doing anything…illegal.

  4. Ringtail

    There was but one thought in that crowd: “RUN!”

  5. RG

    So much for dogs’ being the most loyal animal…

  6. fan

    This is very funny! I like how you are picking at group mentality.

  7. Loben

    I love your art style…

  8. Kalmo

    Nice comic you had set up! Id donate if i could XP.
    (that good it is and better)… Is this updating irregularly?

  9. housepets fan

    Kalmo- it is a M/W/F comic, it updates at 12:00 EST.

  10. rennis69

    You did the conversations and faces very well and the look on their faces near the end was priceless especially Rex in the back.

  11. Whiskers

    Why does this feel reminiscent of a scene from the first Toy Story :B

  12. Lucy Black

    hey,that gray dog in the back, in between Rex and the dalmation, is she a…she? he/she looks pretty feminine in the 1st panel

  13. Kalmo

    thank you housepets fan ;)

  14. Lucy Black

    only an hour and a half to go….(i know, im obsessed. but its WORTH IT!!!)

  15. Tahoe

    *giggles* That’s exactly how those meetings go. I love the background chatter.
    Now to see if they were fleeing in terror… or fleeing to greet his brother. *dum dum duuuuum*