Whoops My Freudian Slipped

No, not starting a new arc from the middle of the week, just thought I’d establish this aspect.

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  1. Chizi

    LOL OMG that is absolutely adorable >v<, it’s okay peanut, we all try to act like our heroes, or imagine our heroes to be like us sometimes =D

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Poor peanut, hobbled by social mores ;)

  3. Tahoe

    Great sub-comic shaping up, and I absolutely love Peanut’s train of thought. If that drawing didn’t get him thrown out of the neighborhood dog’s club, this comic certainly will =D
    *erase erase erase*

  4. Whiskers

    Oh dear, here we go again :3

  5. Ringtail

    Oh Peanut. Eventually he’ll understand that it’s all just very normal. :3

    Well, until then, his adorable embarrassment shall entertain us.

  6. james319

    LOL XD

  7. CalaverX11

    Awwwwwwwwwww. <3

    Being a cat, I’m flattered.

  8. RG

    He’s thinking of Grape, isn’t he? ;)

  9. CalaverX11

    Yeah, probably.

  10. Icefang Cerule

    @CalaverX11 and RG: If he wasn’t before, he certainly is now. X3

  11. ProudOne

    So this is what they call interr-


  12. Wrath

    I feel a bit sorry for Peanut he has a crush on Grape but his dog “friends” don’t like cat lovers.

    I can only imagine how funny this will be later on in the story.

  13. Mazisharu

    I like the way you drew his mouth, I’ve got to remember that look.

  14. VinceWolftiger

    Someone has cats on the brain.

  15. foxfireattack


    Peanut, that would have made for a great plot!

  16. Shoji

    This is just too cute, haha XD

  17. TimTiger

    too bad he’s lookin at girl cats

  18. rennis69

    This is shaping up to being a #1 comic, keep it up.

  19. Lucy Black

    omg peanut is SO CUTE