I Have Decided To Start A New Comic

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  1. foxfireattack

    Wonder if Grape is talking about dogs in general

    The sad thing is, the sketch looks like something i would do in class T_T

  2. Jendrek

    Awesome comic-I will stop u by shooting u…love the little tail wagging ^^

  3. CalaverX11


    Thank you Captain Obvious.

  4. STEAM

    woo, new comic on my birthday. I am overjoyed.

  5. Fuzzypaws

    *wagwag* ^.^

  6. RG

    Nice new comic. :)

  7. Tahoe

    It’s a comic IN a comic! Amazing!

    Also, Peanut’s lil tailwag at the end is great ^__^ He’s excited to show off his comic =D

  8. Draco_2k

    “I will stop you by shooting you with this gun!”


  9. Mazisharu

    … He reminds me of me…. I”m not sure how I should feel about that….

  10. james319

    he has a firm grasp of the obvious :)

  11. Eric

    My favorite part is the second panel with the word “bank” listed three times just in case you didn’t know where the robber was! XD

  12. TimTiger


  13. gear9242

    hahaha, i love how bank is mentioned 3 times xD

  14. AleTails

    Jajajajaja!! XD
    LOVE THE DOGGY!!!! really cute XD
    May be he want’s to show Grape that he is the best options bethwine dogs XD, he has already elimintated some competidors with this… (i think i’m thinking things too much XD)

    CAT LOVER!!!! XD

  15. AleTails


  16. jake

    lol they are very dumb… and my little sleeping thing when i was little was named spot

  17. Collector1

    I think Peanut is channaling Kurt Buiswick here! Ah, nerd humor. Gotta love it.