Yup, He’s Over It

Tiger and Marvin are characters that my brother created, and I actually created Bino and the other dogs after him. And we both shamelessly ripped off of Garfield. Yeah, we were just that original. (And like, under 8 years old, cut us a break)

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  1. Eric

    YAY! Tiger! XD
    That is awesome! I <3 this comic!

  2. Ringtail

    There are no words, only win.

  3. CalaverX11


    You’d think they were in high school or something…

  4. Fuzzypaws

    You already know I love this one, especially the last panel. (:

  5. RG

    The last panel was the best one. I like these kinds of “Reminiscing the Past (then some random happening)” comics. :D

  6. Niv

    If Bino’s smart, he’ll stop messin’ with Tiger after that. xD

    But we all know how smart Bino is, don’t we?

  7. Tahoe

    Tiger would be great for future setups with Grape and Peanut. The last panel is just awesome. *giggles*

  8. james319

    LOL XD i love the last panel

  9. Lawton



  10. Mazisharu

    Ha! School starts for me today, and I need something to put me in a good mood. Thanks for the pick-me-up.

  11. Kiwaku

    I imagine Tiger with the voice of Joe Swanson in this. hehe

  12. Ax15

    lmao thats soooo what i would do in that situation XD

  13. Drake Husky

    Last pannel is epic. ;p

  14. Theolis Wolfpaw

    I actually have a dog named Tiger, he’s brindle and looks like a tiger though. XP

    Creat comic though, way funny. :D

  15. non

    heh, 10 points.

  16. Mat

    This is so funny, the way you draw the characters expressions is so good. ^^

  17. TimTiger

    Anger problems much.

  18. Shoji

    Bipolar, much?

  19. CalaverX11



  20. Lucy Black

    if i was Marvin id be like “WAIT TIGER!! Don’t go without the AK-47!”