A Minor Flaw

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  1. foxfireattack

    They’ll be back if they want to taste more broom action

    Mwa Ha ha! >:3

  2. Ringtail

    Grape tells it like it is. *sagenod*

  3. Tahoe

    Grape is so forthcoming, I love it. The blunt honesty is great especially with the twinge of sarcasm. ^_^

  4. Ax15

    theyre around human size and walk on two legs, do they NEED pet doors? :[

  5. RG

    I can’t really put an opinion on the salesman but I can say one thing: Grape will have that broom handy if they come back. ;)

  6. Draco_2k

    I still can’t believe it. A webcomic I can actually enjoy… Reading.

  7. Mazisharu

    I really like the fourth panel. Apparently the salesman was very good at his job, if he convinced you to buy plastic flaps.

  8. Whiskers

    Actually they’re pretty small, if I remember from the end of the first arc where they actually showed “mom” walk by. :B

    btw first time commenting, love the comic :D !!

  9. Shoji

    I love how Grape calls them Mom and Dad.
    So cute, haha XD

  10. Fuzzypaws

    Facial expressions are your strongest suit. ^.^

  11. Cooper

    Heh I like how they call them Mom and Dad

  12. james319

    i hope they get like..a gold fish peanut likes it then grape eats it (you know the rest ^^)

  13. TimTiger

    I dont really have a comment on this one.

  14. Lucy Black

    Grape ownz

  15. Bandortentis

    Salesmen diplomisy check-20 Mom and Dad sense motive check-1