Stick Em Up

Comic for August 13, 2008 – Stick Em Up

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  1. TigerOnFire

    Haha, I just love the randomness. Broom for the win!

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Poor coonie!

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    go grape!

  4. Ringtail

    Woo! Grape-Power!

    Also, I bet Grape secretly has major bonuses to Improvised Weapons and has like, Weapon Focus and Improved Critical (Broom).

  5. foxfireattack


    Reminds me a little bit like “BOOT TO THE HEAD”…
    and the ‘coons just got owned by a chick :3 nice

  6. RG

    Ah, good old improvised weaponry… how I love it so. :D

  7. Golga

    I have to agree poor coony

  8. Tahoe

    This scenario is just awesome and I love the last panel ^___^
    Grape can definitely handle them, but it would be awesome to see Peanut get involved and have even more hilarity ensue =D

  9. Drake Husky

    This is too good, the broom to the face is such win.

  10. Mazisharu

    Ha! Wasn’t expecting that.

  11. TimTiger

    Muahaha “boot to the head” reference FTW

  12. Rooth

    I was totally expecting “Broom to the head!” (twist on ‘boot to the head’). But broom to the face works, too. :)

    Love this comic, keep it up!

  13. CalaverX11



  14. Wolfe Masters

    Nicely done, it would be funny to see the raccoon’s fur a little more ruffled from the hit.

  15. james319

    nice comic! iv seen a lot of web comics and i mean A LOT but this is the best iv ever seen, honestly