Don’t Shoot

Comic for August 11, 2008 – Don’t Shoot

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  1. Icefang Cerule

    Cute coons. X3

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Raccoons are made of win! And I’m not biased at all! Honest!

  3. Tahoe

    The dialog is great for this, and the coons are cute!
    Also, Grape’s expression is great.

  4. Ringtail

    “At first Grape just thought there were some interesting new pets on the block…”

    DUN DUN DUNNNN! This shall be interesting :D

  5. RG

    Raccoons! :)

  6. Sabakuryu

    lol grape n peanut better not be TOO nice to em, hehe. they might wear out their welcome :P But they’re too cute to put down lol.

  7. Lawton


  8. Zanzawolf

    Uh oh, busted. Heheheh, silly coons ^^.

  9. Dabber

    Tan opener? Can operator?


  10. Tenkri

    haha busted

  11. TimTiger

    Uh oh

  12. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    they remind me of lifty and shifty from happy tree friends

  13. Kiwaku

    So cute! ^___^ Totally busted.