I Swear It’s Platonic

Comic for August 8, 2008 – I Swear It’s Platonic

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    kyaaaaa! i want them to be together now! ^^

  2. Ragark

    Oh boy! It can’t be!!! Grape can’t be a girl!!! I was kinda identified with him… to0 bad you feminize him (now her) :-( well, still is a great comic dude, keep going

  3. housepets fan

    Poor Peanut… This must be really awkward for him.

  4. foxfireattack

    Im still trying to get over the fact that Grape is a girl!


  5. Tahoe

    Last panel speaks volumes, I LOVE what you’re putting peanut through.
    That blush is ADORABLE

  6. RG

    Cat Lover for sure. Put them together and I’ll be giddy for the rest of this and next month. :)

  7. Strawkitty

    Hadn’t checked Housepets for few weeks so this whole thing was a blast to read in one go. =) I can only imagine all the different sort of puns and jokes that are possible from now on. ^^

    I’m guessing this page is sort of a closure for the short arc? Grape looks strikingly feminine in the first panel though for some reason. Albeit it’s probably just me from the aftershocks of that curve ball. =P

  8. SuperNova

    There is a good chance that the later scripts will involve Peanut wearing the cat costume.

  9. Mazisharu

    Hmm … don’t know what to say about this, but I learned a new word today. :)

  10. Izkata

    Peanut’s so cute in the third panel…

  11. Adept Omega

    Peanut’s so cute. :)

    You’re doing a good job, Rick. Don’t let the, er, weird fanbase get you down.

  12. CalaverX11

    God, Peanut is just freakin’ adorable.

  13. Ringtail

    Definitely with Tahoe on this one! XD Poor Peanut…

  14. Yurat

    Well, this will make things interesting from now on, with how Peanut will treat Grape

  15. Cooper

    Awww poor Peanut…so cute though

  16. Fuzzypaws

    Peanut’s adorable. ^.^

  17. Hu Mi?

    I think in the last panel he’s trying to avoid blurting out, “But I love you.”

  18. ProudOne

    K, i saw that coming. I also thought “That dude looks like a girl” When i satrted to read your awesome comics from the start. I saw her colour in the banner and was like. Yes. Yeah it’s a girl.

  19. TimTiger

    Future tension fun?

  20. VinceWolftiger

    Oh god peanut is for a very stressful time…thats for sure.

  21. RSLaehnart

    So… CUTE!!! ~<3

  22. elderwyrm

    I just found this strip, and I must say: Awesome.

  23. Jendrek

    Found the comic today and went through it in one go, I fell so sorry for what Peanut had to go through, but a great comic…..and can I say that I smell…. foreshadowing;)

  24. james319

    i think i know why he’s like that in the last panel but I’ll keep my mouth shut about it

  25. Lil Nicki

    This is SO adorable!! And yeah, Grape being a girl doesn’t surprise me much… i mean, c’mon, if the character’s got a weird color and ends up being the sensible one… You kinda KNOW it’s gotta be a girl!! Haha, but anyways, I love Peanut, he’s the cutest thing out there! I LOVE this! I got hooked on this comic on the first page!