I Planned This Joke For An Awful Long Time

Comic for August 6, 2008 – I Planned This Joke For An Awful Long Time

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  1. housepets fan

    I knew it! You’re not screwing with us and Grape isn’t pulling Peanut’s leg! Anyhoo; how long have you been planning this? Right from the start? That’s also a good strategy; have a joke saved for when you can’t think of one for that day/week.

  2. housepets fan

    I also like the look on grape’s face in the third panel.

  3. omegafox123

    grape really is a girl………thats…odd but kinda funny but i just can’t see er with a boy friend she looks totally male she doesn’t even have and female facial fetures

  4. Draco_2k

    Seeing a good plot twist is rare joy come these days.

  5. meckelbu

    Heh, I wonder how Peanut will treat Grape from here on now that the ‘cat is out of the bag’. Though, I think he wouldn’t dare to make any moves. :-)

    Honestly, I always saw Grape as a female but this latest storyline made me question my assessment, since I thought there was no way Peanut could be dense enough not to notice… could he? But, now I see I was right all along (unless further twists arise).

  6. foxfireattack



  7. RG

    Good joke.

  8. Lawton

    a foot in mouth situation :p

  9. BlackHole

    I thought they wouldn’t mention the fact that they are always naked and they can know each other’s gender by “certain physical features”. I’ll just stop.

  10. TimTiger


  11. Izkata

    “We are naked all the time!”

    …I guess my guess was wrong XD

  12. Mazisharu

    And so that’s why you din’t use the words “he” or “she” when describing Grape.

  13. Tahoe

    I love arguments like this. You did this quite well, and the expressions are great too ^___^

  14. ClosetMonster

    Lol Peanut often acts more “feminine” than Grape. I guess that’s part of the irony/humor. Lovin’ the story so far. ;)

  15. Fuzzypaws

    Maybe he couldn’t tell because “all (insert other race) look the same.” ;)

  16. Viethra

    You just went from genshiken to ranma 1/2 in one comic!

  17. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    waitaminute!! i sooo thought grape was a guy now thats just…..weird O_o
    i may have to take a break from this comic

  18. Punk Jax

    Peanut can’t tell Grape is a female because Rick doesn’t draw mature art! Of course!

    Haha, we love you Rick. ;D