Curveball Outta Nowhere

Comic for August 4, 2008 – Curveball Outta Nowhere

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  1. Eric

    Peanut’s world continues to fall apart around him. XD

  2. Eric

    Also, I love the new design layout for the website. Much improved!

  3. foxfireattack



  4. Niv

    Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming… @_@ I’m as confused and surprised as peanut in the third panel now….

    Somebody likes shock value! xD

  5. CalaverX11

    Oh dear god.


  6. Fuzzypaws

    *giggles* Peanut is confused. ^.^

  7. Tahoe

    I really like peanut’s expression in the last panel and I really love this curveball.

  8. Sage Freehaven

    Poor Peanut. His brain’s going to be mush by the end of the week.

  9. RG

    Grape’s a girl!?

  10. Draco_2k

    This comic has more unexpected twists than a drunk driving home who never had a driving license to begin with.

    I like it.

  11. Kakurady

    Is Grape supposed to be a girl from the start, or is the artist just messing with us? (Or maybe there’s another possibility…)

    Either way Peanut must be really surprised, he’s been with Grape for who knows how long, and he didn’t know it.

    Woot, new theme! … Firefox’s a little bit cachey though, need a force refresh to see it. But it looks awesome!

  12. Jin_Yaranda

    O.O Well that’s just…huh. But Peanut’s brain is going to explode!!!!

  13. Tenkri

    Wait, what?? That came completely from left field lol.
    Now I’m completely confused.

  14. Izkata

    It could be Grape screwing with him, too. I’m gonna go with that until the next comic…

  15. Mazisharu

    … well the title fits.

  16. Inky-Neko

    You know, I’m not really all that surprised. XD;

  17. housepets fan

    I knew it! I always thought Grape was a girl. XD

  18. Ringtail

    Somewhere in Peanut’s brain, the “Critical Mass” alert is going haywire….

  19. johnnyblah

    i figured that grape was a girl.

    maybe because she talks a lot :P

  20. TimTiger

    o.0 Now that was a twist I didnt expect, but then again grape could fall under a different category.

  21. RSLaehnart

    I think my brain just caved…

  22. housepets fan

    I always assumed Grape was a girl, and I was right! I think it was the way she handled “the game” that tipped me off.

  23. SuperNova

    Her fur color does look a little feminine… a little.
    And how long have they known each other?

  24. Dragon Furry

    LOL! Now there is a twist you dont see everyday XD

  25. Lawton

    What a twist!