Anise Is Like Catnip But For Dogs

Comic for August 1, 2008 – Anise Is Like Catnip But For Dogs

I fixed the color profile of Photoshop, now the gray shades actually appear here like they appear in the image editor.

So they kinda appear lighter.

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  1. Eric

    LOL! Wow! Joey has some issues! What other creepy things might be lurking hidden in his mind. Poor Peanut, though.

    This storyline has been brilliant!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    wow i must be messed up but i think grape’s kinda hot in the 3rd panel

  3. Eric


    Have you learned nothing from this storyline? XD

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    no. no i have not lmao XD
    now that i doublecheck its more cute than hot i guess….

  5. Fuzzypaws

    The characters in these comics all have such adorable and perfect facial expressions. =)

  6. foxfireattack

    Funny… i do the same thing to my really bad ones…

    or i set them on fire :P

  7. SuperNova

    Why doesn’t Grape have whiskers in one side of his face?

    The first panel left a lot of disturbing thoughts, but it is still pretty funny that a lot of things happen behind the scene and that Grape isn’t being very helpful.

  8. Mazisharu

    I’ve never heard of Anise…

    Joey reminds me of one of my comic characters…. but that’s irrelevant

    Good comic, keep ‘em coming.

  9. Ark aka Antantaru


    Its just a style of drawin, he only shows the whiskers that happen to be silhouetted against the back drop. Notice when he turns his head to the right, his other whiskers show up. Just keeps the drawing from looking too… “busy”.

  10. Ringtail

    >> Peanut
    You’re well on your way to creating a following of grease-slathered, salivating fan-monkeys!

    >> Anise
    Huh. Rye + Dog = Bad.

    >> Grape
    You’re too late D:

  11. SuperNova

    @Ark aka Antantaru

    You mean like when the eyes are drawn over anime characters’ hair bang?

    BTW: I liked the facial expressions.

  12. johnnyblah

    ok im a bit stuped here is grape a female? i cant figure it out…

  13. Ark aka Antantaru


    Yup, same concept ^_^ kinda =p

  14. Bandortentis

    joey should lose 50 experiance for the mouse