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It’s A Pet Friendly Neighborhood

It’s A Dog Thing

The Loyal Order

Whoops My Freudian Slipped

I decided to get rid of the banner ad I had above the blog and over the other pages; it wasn’t worth it to garble up my code just to get those in. If I ever do put in more ads they’re probably be button ads where the Paypal Donate link is right now.
You see [...]

I Have Decided To Start A New Comic

Well by now you’ve noticed that I put ads on this site. I am sort of winging this, so if you have any questions or concerns–since Project Wonderful lets me approve of ads that appear, if you think any are inappropriate or what have you–just let me know.

Yup, He’s Over It

A Minor Flaw

Stick Em Up

Don’t Shoot

I Swear It’s Platonic

I Planned This Joke For An Awful Long Time

Curveball Outta Nowhere

Anise Is Like Catnip But For Dogs