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Comic for July 30, 2008 – Hey Dude

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    thats it, this comics gotta be in newspapers XDDD

  2. Ringtail

    (Insert gut-busting laughter here)

    Well, it could have been worse!! Now I just wanna see his cat-costume… .o.

  3. Fuzzypaws

    -1d4 san points for Peanut!

  4. Tahoe

    Oh right, right ….. roleplaying <.<;;;;

    This storyline is awesome and hilarious, I love it. Great expressions on Peanut again!

  5. Kakurady

    *whew* Turns out he is a fursuiter after all… ^_^

  6. Mazisharu

    Oh my god, Peanut’s reaction to the “I want to wear her skin” comment was so funny.
    This series is awesome so far, do you have a copyright? I’ve got to tell more people about this site.

  7. Sabakuryu

    …joey, is that cat with a spot over his eye? X3 lol pwned be they.

  8. Mat_Husky

    hehe, I bet Joey would be a cute cat.
    This comic keeps getting better and better, keep up the good work ^^

  9. Kakurady

    @Mazisharu, anything published in the US (as in the case of Housepets!) is automatically copyrighted in the US. Your mileage may vary.

    I don’t think the artist would mind a big good word of mouth…

  10. TimTiger

    Awesome way to go along with the skin thing

  11. Rick Pikul

    Kakurady : You don’t even need to publish, just put it in a fixed form, (including electronic), or perform it. This is true for nearly every country on Earth, (as it is part of the minimum requirements of the Berne Convention).