Pushing The PG Rating IN YOUR MIND

Comic for July 28, 2008 – Pushing The PG Rating IN YOUR MIND

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  1. Eric

    XD! I love Peanut’s face in the last panel!

  2. Ringtail

    Hello, Clarice.

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    omg funniest comic yet XD

  4. VinceWolftiger

    Wait wha? he wanted to wear it?

  5. Sage Freehaven

    Oh lord, it’s a fursuiter! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

  6. Tahoe

    The expression at the end is great and the overall creepy/weirdness factor is awesome. I don’t even know what I would say in Peanut’s place. I love that ending!!! *giggles*

  7. Zanzawolf

    Wow…awkward ^^;
    Love Peanut’s last expression.

  8. Fuzzypaws

    Facial expressions in this one are awesome, but I already told you that I think. *giggles*

  9. Draco_2k

    Am I the only one who sees the fashion industry reference in this?

    Either way, brilliant.

  10. RSLaehnart

    The first two panels are so cute! The expression in the last panel is just awesome, as well!

  11. Sabakuryu

    The expressions in the whole comic is made of win. but the third panel… joey… looks… zombified? :B I love the cuteness and the awkwardness all on the same comic :P can’t wait for wednesday =O

  12. TimTiger

    Ok now we know that it’s female

  13. Tybal

    Oh wow, that sounds freaky.

  14. Viethra

    Holy crap! Hannible lecter the dog. I hope peanut can recover.