A Cat Isn’t Fine Either

Comic for July 19, 2008 – A Cat Isn’t Fine Either

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  1. Lawton

    hmm, so we can assume hes drawn some sort of half dog/cat character.

    still wanna see whats he’s drawn though :p

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    i think this is representing something here…..

  3. Ark aka Antantaru

    heh yeah, as a dog (human) he drew what is probably but not necessarily a mature picture involving a dog (human) with feline (animal) characteristics making it in his mind still a dog (human) but in others minds a feline (animal). Sound familiar? Any furry should be able to relate to this. He crossed something that was “acceptable” (dog) with something that would be mostly unacceptable (cat) and all people see is the cat portion.

  4. Ark aka Antantaru

    oh btw the (human) and (animal) i used above are simply correlations to what WE would be doing as furry’s.

  5. VinceWolftiger

    That situation sounds about normal for basically any community so I don’t see the point of getting into a big uproar about it. But I do feel sorry for peanut.

  6. Ark aka Antantaru

    uproar? where’s an uproar?

  7. Izkata

    Vince, there’s no uproar. Vice was explaining it as, if you look at the comments for the past couple pages, very few people understood what was going on in the comic.

  8. Fuzzypaws

    Well I think it’s easy to follow and is very cute.

  9. Ringtail

    You just had to …. didn’t you. 8C

  10. JD Puppy

    Lol – I’m just amused that there is actually a Good Ol’ Dogs membership card he needs to turn in ;)

  11. Viethra

    I love the social commentary about the furry/anthro community. You make it clear why its stpid to ostricise people for being furry/different. Essentially that mindset is no different from racial segregation or sexism.

    Also the comic is funny.