. . . will be posted on Saturday. I apologize but the software for the site is being rather stubborn and I can’t reupload the comic for friday until I can manage to erase the header that’s already there.

. . . OR you could all just download Firefox 3 and there wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place!

Discussion (6) ¬

  1. foxfireattack

    Firefox ftw :3

  2. Kakurady

    Gotcha, Roxas!

    Mozilla power, vulpes style!

  3. VinceWolftiger

    The evils of IE have come true!! It will ruin all….thank god for Firefox

  4. Icefang Cerule

    But I diiiiiiiid download it…

    *smites the non-believers* :P

  5. housepets fan

    I can wait; that’s okay.

  6. Mazisharu

    Firefox is awesome