Ostracize Doesn’t Mean To Turn Into An Ostrich

Comic for July 16, 2008 – Ostracize Doesn’t Mean To Turn Into An Ostrich

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  1. housepets fan

    YAY!!! I’M SO HAPPY!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    aaw, poor peanut :[, theres some things you just got to keep to yourself.

  3. RSLaehnart

    I agree with aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Somethings are ment to be hidden from others eyes. lol

  4. Lawton

    poor peanut, things dont seem to be going his way does it :p

  5. Ringtail

    I shall patiently wait to see this drawing. I really hope you post it, I imagine it’s either adorable, or simply comical.

  6. Sabakuryu

    poor fella. sometimes ignorance ain’t that blissful, eh? ;/

  7. Tahoe

    Poor peanut… He’ll hopefully grow out of his naievety soon enough.

  8. Icefang Cerule

    I’m with Ringtail on this one. I’m sure it’s the punchline for this arc. X3

  9. Valrejn

    So why is Rex blushing?