Misunderstood Artist

Comic for July 14, 2008 – Misunderstood Artist

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  1. Tahoe

    Awesome! Peanut is an artist ^_^
    … Great embarrassed expression, and a humorous ending. ^_^

  2. JD Puppy

    I wanna see the drawing now! ^^ Each artist has to start *somewhere* =D

  3. Ringtail

    I’m with JD. You should totally feature the drawing as something ;3

  4. Chase

    Daw…. I feel kinda bad for Peanut D= Poor fella’s spooked over Grape finding the pic and was delt a terrible crit. X\ I too am curious to see what Peanut drew….

  5. fan

    Real life peak’s through again:)

  6. Lawton

    haha, aww, thats the most adorable expression :p

  7. Fuzzypaws

    You realize you totally have to show us his drawing. =)

  8. RSLaehnart

    The drawing should be shown here. So we know just how that tail looks. lol

  9. Kakurady

    This somehow reminds me of the Chinese idiom 画虎不成反类犬, or “trying to draw a tiger but ended up with the likeness of a dog”. Guess we have an idiom for every occasion. ^_^

    Anywayz, I would be excited if someone said the cat I drew ended up as an excellent dog – I’m not much an artist.

    Unlike R.Griffin. XD Very cute comic, been subscribing for a while. Cheers!

  10. Sabakuryu

    A dog with a cat tail… is it really that sickening that the drawing implied that a cat and dog did it? :3 I love your comic. it’s filled with macho melting cuteness. :P