A Real Buzz

Comic for July 11, 2008 – A Real Buzz

Embellished upon a true story

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  1. Tahoe

    ….. been there…
    … will do it again…

    … addicting …

  2. foxfireattack

    I wanna try that now

  3. Sage Freehaven

    I think he’s…vibrating through time…?

  4. vulpinepilot

    hah! that’s the last book I read!

    also, I love coffee covered expresso beans >.>

  5. fan

    very funny:)

  6. housepets fan

    He’ll be awake for days.

  7. CalaverX11

    To quote a friend:

    “Your heartrate’s supposed to be 60bpm, not 60 HERTZ!”

  8. Fuzzypaws

    I wonder if his paws are cutting a groove in the floor. ;)

  9. JD Puppy

    This *TOTALLY* happened to me. Even though some say I’m like this without the caffiene boost ;)