Channeling You At Age 8

Comic for July 7, 2008 – Channeling You At Age 8

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  1. Icefang Cerule

    Settlers of Catan is awesomesauce! XD

  2. Sage Freehaven

    Mousetrap = WIN

  3. Tahoe

    Settlers of Catan! Yay!

    Seems that he has a great deal of fun things to do in there… but things that would be so much more entertaining with a friend like Bino or Grape. I really love the playbin off to the left. =D

  4. Ark aka Antantaru

    Hahaha so true so true. I was just like that when i was a kid.

  5. RSLaehnart

    No, that’s me now. Me when I was 8 was running outside and playing make-believe.

  6. Fuzzypaws

    I want all his games. :)

  7. Zanzawolf

    Heh, nice, want all those games ^^. Reminds more of myself now. I was out playing pretend and playing the few games I had for my genesis with friends/cousins when I was 8.

  8. JD Puppy

    Hehe, happens to the best of us…

  9. macsnafu

    Actually, there might be a more important point, here, even if unintended by the artist. People want something to do that’s meaningful to them, and not merely to waste time.