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Hey Dude

Pushing The PG Rating IN YOUR MIND

A Cat Isn’t Fine Either

. . . will be posted on Saturday. I apologize but the software for the site is being rather stubborn and I can’t reupload the comic for friday until I can manage to erase the header that’s already there.
. . . OR you could all just download Firefox 3 and there wouldn’t have been a [...]

The comic for Friday might be late. And possibly some of the comics following; I am in the middle of moving to an apartment and also trying to resolve a certain issue that IE is having with wordpress, namely it’s killing the filenames if I dare include a non-alphanumeric character in it. Hopefully my awesome [...]

Ostracize Doesn’t Mean To Turn Into An Ostrich

Misunderstood Artist

A Real Buzz

The Great Outdoors

Channeling You At Age 8

Everybody Wins

Funny You Should Ask

In a few weeks I am going to be moving to Huntsville, Alabama, but I do not expect that to interrupt the comic at all. Just to let you know.