No Escape

Comic for June 23, 2008 – No Escape

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  1. foxfireattack

    But what if The Game says that no other game is acceptable? does that mean i can’t play my Mario Kart Wii? D:

  2. Tahoe

    … It’s sad, but I’ve honestly had this conversation before …

  3. zarjamar

    I have never had the opportunity to play ‘The Game’ before…honestly, I think I would have just rolled my eyes and say, “Whatever…” or something like that. :P Loving the comic, by the way!

  4. Dabber

    The great thing about this series is how much I identify with PB. ^.^

    Keep it up, please!

  5. housepets fan

    I have actually been on Grape’s side of this before, but about something different. Grape is going to have a long, confusing day.

  6. Duke

    Ah, once more we see that cat’s are just a wee bit smarter than dogs.

    I love this interaction in furry comics, because I frequently see my cats at home become very annoyed with my dog as well.

    Great art, btw!

  7. Bandortentis

    D&D is better with metagaming, my CE elf cleric does it all the time just to annoy the heros

  8. TomFox

    At my D&D table metagaming results it loss of XP
    But’s that’s not the point. Great comic, I’m simply facinated with these characters!