The Game I Mean

Comic for June 20, 2008 – The Game I Mean

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  1. Tahoe

    No better place to lose ‘the game’ than at a social gathering … when everyone is already playing. Peanut’s ‘pathetic’ (I mean this in a good way) looking expression in the last panel is very well done.

  2. foxfireattack

    The game tells you to play. LISTEN TO THE GAME! toy will be rewarder with a cookie and, sleep :3

  3. kitsu

    right on kitteh cat x3

  4. RSLaehnart

    How come I have never heard of this rule!? *Outrage*
    K, I’m done now. ^^

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    let a cat sleep damit!

  6. Bandortentis

    i just lost twice in 3 minuts, your eviler than i thaught