You All Just Lost

Comic for June 18, 2008 – You All Just Lost

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  1. Tim Tiger

    Son of a… And I was doing so well not to lose the game.

  2. Casca

    I’m gonna make more people play this game. Bino’s fun.

  3. Tahoe

    I’ll have you know that it had been at LEAST a good week! >_<
    … Yer evil!

  4. Tyco

    Reminds me of me. I lose the game constantly, and everyone around me hates me for it. XD

  5. Eric

    I like the wagging tail as Bino walks away laughing and pointing. XD

  6. RSLaehnart

    Shi- I LOST!!!
    I’d not lost for months because I’d forgotten all about it and now you haunt me!
    *shivers and cries in a corner chanting*

  7. Ringtail

    A part of me just died….

    I counter with this:

  8. CalaverX11


  9. Pave

    The game never ends, and everyone loses, the game sucks! And I just lost like ten times. LOOSING ONCE ISN’T ENOUGH FOR TE GAME. Its wants MOAR> D:

  10. Mat_Husky

    aww poor peanut, he never stood a chance :P

  11. kitsu

    Cute comic. I dont play that silly social experiment though.

  12. ChrisN

    If anyone would care to win the game.

    XKCDFTW indeed.

  13. Raziel

    EVIL! D:

  14. macsnafu

    it’s a lie! There are no rules, and if there are no rules, there IS no game!

  15. Bandortentis

    I had forgotten about the game for a year and now i curse you, your almost as evil as i am