A Mournful Situation

Comic for June 16, 2008 – A Mournful Situation

Bino was actually the main character of a comic strip I drew when I was young. It was a definite take off of 80’s style Garfield, though with more storylines. And occasionally I lifted jokes directly from Garfield but who was going to know or care?

I have a couple characters from that comic I’m going to introduce into this one. I might end up mining my old comic for plotlines, to the extent of ‘there was a plot’.

Bino’s favorite food is pizza.

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  1. Tahoe

    New character and classic strip! It made me giggle as I read this style of comic early on when you could apply it sociability, but NOW it has even more meaning due to the advent of the internet. Everyone knows ‘the attention monger’ *giggles*

    .. At least this one really likes pizza =D

  2. Mazisharu

    I like the last panel, the last pannel is funny.