Negotiations Break Down

Comic for June 9, 2008 – Negotiations Break Down

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  1. Tahoe

    *laughs* When in the world of make-believe, there can definitely be a point that is *too* original, but I love the stock references before that … and the colander on Grape’s head looks awesome. =D

  2. phantomapfel

    Oh you silly kitty… you make me smile

  3. omega-warior

    “We shall peal them with our metal knives!”
    *Chorus of mechanical laughter*

    There used to be an old advert for mash, well before I was born.

  4. Mat_Husky

    lol, those characters work so well together, and the potato men from mars part is just so random and funny XD

  5. guydudepersonman

    i love this this comic it reminds me of calvin and hobbes