Mission Cleanliness

Comic for June 4, 2008 – Mission Cleanliness

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  1. Lawton

    hehe, the peasants truly are revolting :p

  2. Tahoe

    hehehehe… that is the coolest idea for inside rain.
    I can’t wait for the parents to come home and see what the wizard has done to the house! =D

  3. Eric

    I lol’d all over myself at the peasants! XD

  4. Chase

    *laughs* Grape must not have thought that through…… poor fella is going to get wet XD I can’t wait to see more from the Housepets =3

  5. Victor

    i love it, it makes me laugh grape is so cute X3 meh wanna pet kitty

  6. omega-warior

    Hehehe, I love this comic. I can’t wait to see more, and it makes me wish I had more time to spend on my own comic…

    And I DON’T think they’ve quite thought this through…

  7. Mazisharu

    … Bad idea.
    I seriously keep thinking Peanut means ugly when he says revolting.