When Boredom Strikes

Comic for June 2, 2008 – When Boredom Strikes

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  1. Tahoe

    Hehehe… that reminds me of someone that I know.
    Great comic to start the new series with, absolutely got a giggle out of me!

  2. Shawn

    ROFL that’s funny

  3. Shane

    Cute. ^_^

  4. AleTails

    Jajajajajajajaja!!!! XD
    Thery are really Nice!!! =D
    Love both of them =3

  5. housepets fan

    Awesome pun.

  6. JD Puppy

    Peanut totally reminds me of how the character I play is like… I can’t wait to see how these interactions unfold! =)

  7. Mazisharu

    “Hail to the raining king!”

    … Booooooo

    At first I thought Peanut was calling him Grape-Ape, but thend I wasn’t really paying attention

  8. james319

    LOL nice comic ^^ i wish i could draw like that