Hey everyone, I’m starting out the comic in a M-W-F schedule, though I’ll be trying to work up a solid enough backlog to get a 5-day schedule in time.

This site needs a little cleanup still; I will be working on it.

Remember, this comic is PG, so keep it clean down there!

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  1. Muttifer

    Congrats on the new comic. You will never have a life again…Just kidding. I hope it goes on a long time.

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Just don’t kill yourself with the workload. 3 days a week is perfectly fine, really. :)

  3. Ark aka Antantaru

    +fav’ed XD lookin forward to this comic Rick =)

  4. Ringtail

    Hahaha! Oh, that’s just perfect. I’ve had one too many days like that, and I’m sure my mother would be more than happy to remind me of them ^^;

  5. Punk Jax

    The updates to this comic are quick and still amazing. Good work here.

    You still need one of those favicons, though.

  6. housepets fan

    Hey great site man! I love the comics, they get better and better! If you do get stuck, just remember: if you think it’s good, then it probably is.