Naked Mud Wrestling
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Comic Chameleon is a app that allows you to read webcomics in a simple panel-by-panel format right on your phone.

Comic Chameleon is currently only available for iOS–please understand that it’s easier to develop for mostly because there’s only a SMALL set of specifications, wheras android takes longer because there’s so many additional specification. Android support is currently being developed.

SO . . . if you are interested in this and have an iPhone, and subsequently read Housepets on your iPhone, if you have any formatting issues such as text being cut off on the edge of the screen, please email me along with the title of the strip where there is an issue. Thank you!

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Guys, there’s too much to explain. I have to sell things, and I have some things to sell. If you would just mosey on over to the merchandise page, I would be very grateful!

We have the first four years of the comic in print, as well as t-shirts, bookmarks, a poster, and all sorts of original artwork still up for grabs!

Order now!

As usual, it will take 3-7 days for the book to appear on Amazon (and Amazon Europe!)

Sorry, y’all, our original guesstimate was slightly optimistic!  The comic may be ready by 2:30 A.M. Central time… at the soonest.  Please don’t stay up later than you should; the comic will wait for you.  Again, we’re sorry for the delay and really do appreciate your patience.

- Diss

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Rick’s tablet had some driver issues.  These are now resolved.  Nonetheless, the comic will be delayed.  You can expect it no later than 1:30 A.M., Central time.  Thanks for your understanding and patience!