Can You Keep A Secret

To those of you who insisted Grape had no interest in dogs… *giggles*

(Also, click this link to discuss the comic on the forum before Grape recovers from her embarrassment!)

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Starting Friday Housepets will be taking a one-week break, so if you have any guest strips, or know someone who does, please direct them to housepetscomic at gmail dot com!

Except Max!!

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Comic Chameleon is a app that allows you to read webcomics in a simple panel-by-panel format right on your phone.

Comic Chameleon is currently only available for iOS–please understand that it’s easier to develop for mostly because there’s only a SMALL set of specifications, wheras android takes longer because there’s so many additional specification. Android support is currently being developed.

SO . . . if you are interested in this and have an iPhone, and subsequently read Housepets on your iPhone, if you have any formatting issues such as text being cut off on the edge of the screen, please email me along with the title of the strip where there is an issue. Thank you!

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